Buyers association against fake products

REEBOK shoes and Logo

Posted: Montag, der 24. April 2017

Look carefuly the dates. The original is „Day/Month/Year“.

Look carefuly this logo. Its is Pocker not REEBOK and also there is a chilli in the middle of logo. (???)

This REEBOK JORDANS are one of the most popular athletic shoes in the world. It is unfair to buy fake shoes.

Make real exercise with real athletic shoes !!!

Obviously, copy products are not in any way like original products. Fake, cheap products are not just bad made items but can also cause health problems. For example, fake electronic devices cause brain problems. Fake shoes can cause platypodia, bad materialized clothes and perfumes without authorized ingredients can cause allergies and many other problems.

Our association always considers having first class original products. No more Fake products!!! Our choice is one-way… Only Original products!!!