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Carrying for children Ergobaby

Posted: Monday April 10th, 2017

Children are our future. It should be a very simple and easy-to-use kind of thing – a baby carrier, convenient for both parents and babies. But if you happen to buy a fake product, not only will you lose money, but also put your child’s health and safety at risk. Baby carriers are produced under strict compliances with advanced technology, using specially designed patterns, quality garment accessories and materials. Only by following these regulations will a carrier provide the proper and secure posture for a baby.  Manufacturers of fake carriers ignore these special features and safety standards found in original products. Below we will outline the main differences you want to look for  so you can identify an authentic baby carrier from a counterfeit.

Take a look at the seams. They are different on an original product when compared to a copy.

Note the inscriptions on labels.

Another important thing: this element was specially designed to ensure baby’s safety, while copies use similar-looking material just as a decoration.

We hope these simple tips will help you keep your baby safe.

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