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In this section we give you hints and advice on how to distinguish original goods from fake ones by their appearance. We regularly publish new and up-to-date articles with photos and information about various products. Every article is a comparison of a specific product with its fake copy, emphasizing the easy-to-see differences that will help you avoid being scammed by sellers that pass off cheap fakes as authentic brand products.

In most cases manufacturers do their best to protect their brand goods from counterfeiting. Knowing the specific differences between a real product and a fake one, means that you will easily avoid falling for scam deals. Also, fake products differ from their originals not only in their layout, but with the materials they’re made from, the kind of technology applied, and the overall quality that customers look for when buying a well-known brand.

For your further convenience we have added a search function to this section, so that you will be able to easily find articles about the products you’re interested in. If searching for a specific product does not produce the desired results, please don’t hesitate to let us know which product you would like to see a new article about. We will gladly gather information on your request and post a new article/review in this section.

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