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Air Spencer CS-X3: How to Distinguish a Fake from the Original

Posted: Wednesday April 5th, 2017

Air fresheners are designed to fill an area with pleasant aromas and hide foul smells. But buying a Chinese copy can lead to a big disappointment. This article discusses ways to avoid that disappointment, by looking at a Japanese air freshener – the Air Spencer CS-X3 – as an example.

On the front of the box look at the bottom-right side. The original product should say “Made in Japan”, whereas a copy would be made in China.

Look at the back of the box. At first glance, it seems as though the copy is no different than the original. However, the bottom-right side of the original product should have another “Made in Japan” inscription.

Let’s look at the bottom of the freshener itself. On the bottom you should be able to find another “Made in Japan” inscription. If there is none – you probably have a copy.

Finally, the aroma gel itself. Let’s try to find the same “Made in Japan” markings on this as well. The original should have it on the bottom-right. A copy does not have it.

We hope that our tips were useful in finding an authentic high quality product.